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January 27, 2017 | Version 1.09

  • Captcha verification for registration don't use only javacript. Verification is also in server-side to avoid disable javascript attemp :
  • Removing input focus outline

The website didn't get any update since 5 years. Still use deprecied javascript framework and don't use cache page system ... Kick-Box need a v2 :/

May 24, 2012 | Version 1.08

  • News icons on your kick's page
  • Now you can download a zip of all your kick's pictures

March 24, 2012 | Version 1.07

  • Chatbox has been removed and remplaced by the Facebook iframe content.
  • Now you can select to see all kicks of an user in "See" option

August 24, 2011 | Version 1.06

You receive autmaticaly mail when :

  1. Your collection has been comment
  2. Your kick has been comment
  3. You received a like
  4. Your kick is add to the museum
  • Twitter function is more explicit
  • A chat room is aviable on the home page !
  • Collectors page is now order by collectors' rank

June 20, 2011 | Version 1.05

  • We change some title's pages ...
  • Brand and Model are now linked to All Kicks's page
  • I tried to fix MySQL errors

March 03, 2011 | Version 1.04

Link are clickable on comments !

February 24, 2011 | Version 1.03

  • Fix HTML problem with nicknames with &
  • Fix a js problem for pagination with the new prototype.js file !
  • Admin have all access on comments

February 07, 2011 | Version 1.02

  • Fuck off robot who desactive javascript to register !
  • No more onkeyup's search on All Kicks, All Missing Infos and For Sale
  • Fix order of kicks in for sale section
  • Fix order of kicks in museum section
  • Fix long description texte in for sale section
  • Fix mysql query to update date of sale
  • Add syslog information when you delete your kick from for sale section
  • When you delete a kick already added into the museum, it just disappear from your collection but it still be show into the museum
  • When you see "Online" on user's header, you can click on to open a chat window !

January 31, 2011 | Version 1.01

  • You can see picture already loaded when you sell a kick.
  • Comet chat username link is now linked to user member (Nickname in the top of chat window)
  • Avatar is show on online list and chat window. Cometchat r0x !!
  • trim() on nickname
  • I put Facebook and Twitter Module on Chat Bar

January 25, 2011 | Version 1.00

Damn ! The 1.0 version is now online !

  • Now you can chat with others members (i hope), you should disconnect and reconnect for the first time
  • For sale section is open (beta), welcome abord
  • Collection become Collectors, Collectors become Member
  • No more arrow under section's link, there are underline now
  • No more mouse over RSS links
  • New footer design
  • Last Kick Comment in right stuff
  • New profil page design
  • Weekly Activity beta system
  • Now you can know how many time you profil page has been show
  • All actions about you make is apparation and can change everything :)
  • Lot of connection with Facebook with "Like button"
  • Kick with internet picture can be warned and kick will be delete 48h after if there is not update
  • All "Other color" of a kick are show on museum kick's page
  • Lot of bug has been fixed !

January 19, 2011 | Version 0.03

Before the big update !

  • Others colors fix in museum with 'group' of model
  • No more live search
  • Fix order in Museum section
  • Add Comment to a shoes is viewable in list mode
  • All kick's comments are viewable in kick's page
  • Home page write new collection updated (but a bug stil not working very well)

December 21, 2010 | Version 0.03

  • Username can be click on "In Progress"'s information on home page
  • In Progress page now show avatar and direct link to user
  • In Progress User page is now look like others member's page
  • You can't vote anymore for you profil or your shoes
  • New mail content for new member registring
  • All pictures has been rename as brand-model-year-member-kicks-box and will have this name since now !
  • Now you can order kicks in your collection using "Edit Collection" EDIT: I made it easier and with nicer CSS
  • Fix watermaking bug when you have ' or " in your nickname
  • In Progress log avatar modification
  • Fixing scrolling bar bug when kicks are showing by list
  • Online Statut is write on member's infos and Collectors page
  • You can show only online's members
  • New part "My Actions" in beta.
  • Contact Member image is more explicit
  • You can delete you own comments or comments writing on your wall
  • Fix Most appreciate kicks link
  • Think different how to print number of kick by type
  • You can't "Report Error" ou "Missing Info" on your own shoe !
  • You can comment a shoe ! Wonderful, isn't it ?
  • New system to calcul point (and ranking) : 1 Kick 2 Points / In museum 3 points / Fake or Missing info 1 Point
  • Fix a lot of CSS or JS little bug !

Lots of news is coming !

December 08, 2010 | Version 0.02

We make a lot of tiny update to add useful option to the website.

  • "For Sale" section make its apparition and will be open until the end of the year
  • The changelog page was create to notify all news
  • Now you can modify you kick informations directly from its webpage
  • When you delete a kick, it's logging in the "In Progress" page
  • The "In Progress" show in homepage is smaller but with 15 informations
  • Now you should put 2 color's informations when you're adding a kick
  • Number of comments is writing next to "Leave a comment" link
  • You can see all actions from a member since he create his account and how many action he did.
  • Error Message is visible if you're picture wasn't allowed on the website
  • So image/pjpeg format is now allowed
  • Collection's page show member with at least 1 kick

You can prupose you own update to the website ! Please us "Contact" form !

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