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Zoom Talaria 2014 "Fearless Living" x SneakersnStuff

About this kicks.

A SneakersNstuff Project - Special Box
First introduced in the late ‘90s, the Nike Zoom Talaria was a new kind of running shoe. Back then, the Zoom cushioning and pared back profile marked the arrival of a cult classic. The addition of a trail-like sole unit makes the reimagined Talaria fit for fearless, modern life.

2014 marks fifteen years of friendship between Nike and Sneakersnstuff. They’re celebrating with the exclusive Global release of the Nike Zoom Talaria 2014, presented in a bespoke, dual purpose sneaker box. It’s a classic running shoe updated for the modern era, and packaged with the dedicated sneaker collector in mind.
The contemporary sneaker collector’s survival kit. Contains a versatile protection kit, collector’s bag, and bespoke, dual purpose sneaker box, crafted by Sneakersnstuff to showcase the art of sneaker design.

The Fearless Living box is produced in 150 pieces and drops December 17th at Sneakersnstuff.

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