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Golden Era 95

About this kicks.

Hieroglyphics has always been an independent powerhouse in Hip hop. Hailing from East Oakland California Hiero learned the independent game of production and distribution by watching the likes of Too Short, E40 and other independent bay area artist who thrived without major label assistance. Skip forward to 2016 and we see Hiero's independent mindset has grown into a vehicle that transports ideas from concept to reality. With their latest collectors item, Hiero decided to make their own "Air Max" style shoe independent of Nike. Only 1000 pairs released worldwide through the band's website. One of the members of the group explains the concept below.

"Nike said "Just Do It". We felt'em!! We just did it! We want to teach our fans to produce the items they consume. This is one way we can begin an economic reconstruction, if hip hoppers learn to produce the items we consume. Our products are made at the same manufacturing plants as theirs (Nike). Being independent allows us to produce limited edition shoes made of rare materials that will not be tainted by the negligence of mass production. That is the next step. For now we will produce small quantities of high quality, well inspected shoes for shoe collectors and Hiero fans only. There will only be 1000 pairs of these on earth! People should understand how out-sourcing works. When Adidas wants to out-source a shoe, the shoe is not manufactured by or at Adidas. It is only designed by Adidas. It is manufactured at which ever production plant Adidas has certified a relationship with. These production plants will also work for other companies, Like Hieroglyphics Imperium. The detail and quality of the Golden Era '95s was scrutinized with the same meticulous attention to detail and quality Hiero pays to music. "

"We know the original shoe was called "Air Max 90" but what you want us to do? Make a tribute to the shoe design and rip the name also? Naw. We renamed the shoe according to when we rocked them and according to the chronology of our musical careers." - Casual

As a long time fan of the group, I had to jump at the opportunity to support them in this unique endeavor!

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