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2 Retro DB "Doernbecher Charity" x Sheridan Brenton

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About this kicks.

In 2007, Nike and Air Jordan created a series of sneakers entitled “Doernbecher Freestyle Pack” to benefit the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. One of the models included in the package, was the Air Jordan Retro 2 Doernbecher which was designed by Sheridan Brenton. This was one of the first occasions in which the Air Jordan brand gave someone not from their design team to come up with the look of the Doernbecher Air Jordan Retro II.

Chosen for the sneaker, was a peacock-like design which consisted of different shades of Green, Black snake skin, and Yellow accents on the outside and sole of the shoe. Seeing new versions of the Air Jordan II has been a pretty rare sight and for the release of the Doernbecher Charity II’s, quantity released was very limited. It’s release on November 9th, 2007 caused quite astir on the Internet and in-stores. The shoes sold out instant on and were camped-out by many Air Jordan fans.

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